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Over 5, objects produced in the early Olmec style were found at Canton Corralito. Matthew Stirling gave the name San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan to a cluster of three settlements on an island in the swamps and marshes west of the Coatzacoalcos. In this political and economic battle, Teotihuacan was aided by its control of the obsidian deposits in the Navaja mountains in Hidalgo.

The Maya in the Classic period[ edit ] Main article: The archaeological evidence indicates that the Maya never formed a united 1200 formative they were instead organized into small chiefdoms that were constantly at war.

Around Lake Texcoco there existed a number of villages that grew into true cities: Residents of San Lorenzo also consumed domestic dog, snook, tarpon, mojarra, catfish, and turtles. Stone sculptures of San Lorenzo[ edit ] The San Lorenzo site is well known for the multitude of stone sculptures displayed.

Always on the road.

In Oaxaca, Monte Alban reached its apex c. The Mexicas spoke Nahuatlthe same language spoken by the Toltecs and the Chichimecs who came before them. Maya civilization Location of the Mayan people and their principal cities The Maya created one of the most developed and best-known Mesoamerican cultures.

This, coupled with studies of more central San Lorenzo, revealed quite a bit about how houses were organized. Another name archaeologists use is for categorizing the Olmecs is the Formative Period.

Teotihuacan initially competed with Cuicuilco for hegemony in the area.

Mesoamerican chronology

The Postclassic period is divided into two phases. This majority was forced to pay tribute and to participate in the building of public structures such as irrigation systems, religious edifices, and means of communication.

San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán

The arts of Mesoamerica reached their high-point in this era. Once free of competition in the area of the Lake of Mexico, Teotihuacan experienced an expansion phase that made it one of the 1200 formative cities of its time, not just in Mesoamerica but in the entire world. During the Early Classic Period, c.

In this way the late Classic era commenced.Mesoamerica and the Intermediate Area Some exceptionally fine objects from Mesoamerica present a survey of art of the Formative ( BC–AD ), Classic (–) and Post-Classic (–) periods.

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c. The Vulgate Romances written (expansion of Arthurian romance material in French prose) c. King Horn, Beves of Hampton (earliest version)-- English metrical romances focusing on "the Matter of Britain".

World History Timeline

Double-faced female figurine, early formative period, Tlatilco, – B.C.E., ceramic with traces of pigment, cm. high (Princeton University Art Museum) The makers of Tlatilco figurines lived in a large farming village near the great inland lake in the center of the basin of Mexico.

List the year each period began and ended: (8 points) Olmec – – B.C Formative or Preclassic Maya- BC – AD Classic Maya – A.D – AD Postclassic Maya – AD 2. Describe the social structure that developed in the Olmec civilization and how they depended on each other%(8).

1200 formative
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