Aiua alabama insurance underwriting association report

But private insurance companies that recently have moved into south Alabama may be able to provide better and less-expensive coverage to many people who have joined the Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association, or AIUA, industry officials said.

Panels will be tested for wind, fire and impact resistance. The AIUA, commonly called the beach pool or the wind pool, would require such statewide assessments.

Committee recommendations called for the expansion of coverage, change in the make up of the board to include non-industry representation, review of rates, credits for wind mitigation and better construction, redefining territories and the ability to build surplus. Homeowners in the wind pool or without any insurance coverage could be surprised at the private coverage available to them, especially if their homes are built to code, he said.

It once expanded at a rate between and policies per month but now is growing by about policies each month, he said. The new roof aging farm was opened April 19 at the Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley Graham Creek, which features nearly acres of natural habitats including pine savannas, bottomland wetlands, mixed forests and tidal marshes.

Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association Was this article valuable? Additionally, a solar-powered onsite weather station will continually collect data, documenting temperatures, humidity and solar radiation levels.

The member hurricane insurance issues task force released its final report in Augustjust prior to Hurricane Katrina making landfall. In addition, rating zones were redefined to create a Gulf Front territory and credits are available for wind mitigation and homes built to fortified standards.

This longer-term research project was designed to help determine how different roofing materials are impacted by weather and aging in real-world conditions, according to a statement from IBHS.

Such private policies also would not require insurance companies throughout the state -- and eventually their customers -- to foot the bill should a major storm create more damage than the company can cover. A complete list of the Task Force recommendations and progress to date is accessible at www.

IBHS, Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association Partner on Roof Aging Farm

The alternative markets committee managed the majority of Beach Pool issues. The Foley project will further benefit the local community as the two structures will serve as shaded pavilions for park patrons. The Foley roof aging farm consists of two foot x foot structures, each equipped with multiple panels that will be evaluated over a year period assessed in five-year intervalsto determine which kinds of roofs better resist weather damage and how different climates play a part.

AIUA, which is a long-time member of IBHS, hopes by investing in this project and partnering with IBHS policyholders will be helped to understand the benefits of choosing upgraded construction materials for their homes by testing different materials exposed to all types of weather conditions in a Gulf Coast environment, Cook said.

To get more information about obtaining policies with their companies, Menon and DiLoreto said, south Alabama residents can visit independent insurance agents. The AIUA can offer coverage only to properties south of the 31st parallel -- the Florida state line if it extended west into Alabama -- in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

It is now the second-largest insurer in those two counties, as measured by total premiums paid, Groves said. Natural aging of roofs in various climates, coupled with systematic testing for wind and impact resistance, will provide us with invaluable data to improve vulnerability assessments.

That can be explained, in part, by a slowdown in policy cancellations by private insurers and by some coastal residents opting to forgo insurance altogether.

The Alabama Insurance Department Rules reviewed rates in May and the State Legislature codified the Beach Pool which previously had been referred to as a voluntary plan, authorizing the plan to retain earnings to build surplus, Groves added. The company now has nearly 2, policies in force, he said.When Governor Robert Bentley stopped in town this week to talk about the agreement they made to decrease wind insurance rates for people with AIUA (Alabama Insurance Underwriters Association), it.

Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association provides an equitable plan to assure a market for wind, hail, and hurricane Insurance in the eligible areas of Baldwin and Mobile Counties of Alabama.


Alabama Beach Pool Reports Progress on Coastal Insurance Issues

Private insurance companies that recently have moved into south Alabama may be able to provide better and less-expensive coverage to many people who have joined the Alabama Insurance Underwriting. The Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association (AIUA) has partnered with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to develop a.

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Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association

Claim Information *If you have a claim on your property* When claims arise they need to be reported to AIUA promptly. To report a claim: Fill out our on-line claim form; Call toll free at

Aiua alabama insurance underwriting association report
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