Blind date lady farts in car

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The Funniest First Date Story Ever Told. Previous / Next. November 22nd, Since men thinks farts are hilarious, he locked the car windows and turned up the heater. I discovered that his name was ‘Greg’ and he was also on a blind date! I was so relieved when he went off to find his blind date and Craig arrived 5 minutes later.

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Update September 03, Girl fart video clip of a classic commercial for Smart Beep, a pager company. This was originally a fart joke that was later used for the story line of this ad. The scenario is a double blind date.

Top 20 Funniest Fart Scenes in Movies.

Blind Date Fart

Articles | By Bryan Kremkau on Oct 12th, Share it’s quite funny! Harry is about to go on a date with Mary, but Lloyd spiked his drink with a laxative. So Harry makes his way to the bathroom and explodes with poo. but gets gassed out of the the car when the very same jock farts into the.

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Blind date lady farts in car
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