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Homer becomes the life of spring break until it ends and the wild college students return to their studies. Terrified of his supposedly impending death, he develops insomnia and goes insane. Later in the interview, when talking about his unsuccessful film The Two JakesEvans says: Plot[ edit ] The Simpsons go out to dinner at a new steakhouse, whose existence Lisa is protesting, where Homer enters a challenge with a truck driver named Red Barclay.

Release and reception[ edit ] In its original American broadcast on March 28,"Maximum Homerdrive" received a 9.


John Swartzwelder wrote the episode. A sheriff quickly arrives on the scene and despite the fact that Homer is the sole guilty culprit, the entire family is charged for killing the alligator.

The family is acquitted, though they are banned from entering the state of Florida again and all other states, excluding Arizona and North Dakota. Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Marge feels that Homer always gets to go on better adventures while she is left at home; she and Lisa decide to be adventurous too and go to buy a musical doorbell which plays the song " They Long to Be Close to You ".

The meat-eating contest seen in the beginning of the episode was conceived by Simpsons writer Donick Cary during a story pitch-out, according to writer and executive producer Matt Selman. He awakes to discover that the truck drove by itself with its Navitron Autodrive System.

It flits from one gag to another with abandon and rarely makes much sense — or produces many laughs. It was sung chalkboard writing animation screenplays main cast member Dan Castellanetaincluded mentions of "scraping blood and guts off the road" and was eventually dropped because it was considered too gruesome by the staff.

Among adults between ages 18 and 49, the episode received a 7. Retrieved May 25, Scully has said that the episode is "kind of three stories in one.

During the trip, Homer falls asleep and wakes up abruptly at the wheel of the truck due to taking a combination of pep pills and sleeping pills that he bought at a general store. Later on, he takes his own test which reveals that has only three years left to live. With a Nielsen rating of 7.

She pulls out a wire, which instead causes the doorbell to play faster and louder, disturbing the neighborhood. He informs other truck drivers, who inform him that he cannot let anyone know about the Autodrive system because it would make all truck drivers lose their jobs.

The risk is unacceptable. Scully thought it looked like the singer enjoyed the experience and was surprised to see that he arrived on time. Homer, who still wants to party, rents an airboat and forces his family to come with him. After performing his song " Bawitdaba ", Kid Rock tells the audience that he is going to pour out forty gallons of malt liquor on the curb as a way of showing respect to his homies that could not make it to the concert.

But we had a lot of fun writing it, and we stand by it. It was the third highest-rated broadcast on Fox that week, following an episode of Malcolm in the Middle which received an 8.

The family flees from the sheriff and during a car chase they are hit by a train that pushes their car on the rails for several miles. Red Barclay, the trucker who dies of "beef poisoning" in The Slaughterhouse, was portrayed by regular cast member Hank Azariawho voices many characters in the series.

When rewriting the episode, the writing staff was divided into two groups, so that one group wrote the A-story, while the other wrote the B-story.

So given that Homer once again learns absolutely nothing from his traveling experience, he can only take to heart the thoughts of the British writer Stephen Fry. Red wins the challenge, but dies from beef poisoning according to Dr.

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All of this means the show manages to become pretty unpredictable. However, Homer tells the passengers of a passing bus about the system, which causes an angry mob of truckers to go after Homer. He is portrayed by Castellaneta, the voice behind many characters.

Production[ edit ] Musician Kid Rock appeared in the episode as himself. The doorbell starts to malfunction and repeatedly plays the song. Eventually, staff writer and co-executive producer George Meyer pitched the idea that the truckers would have "a secret device, that actually did all the driving for them", called the Navitron Autodrive System.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Randa practiced as a lawyer for ten years, is an award-winning author of 12 internationally published novels and regular op-ed contributor to print media. "Kill the Alligator and Run" is the nineteenth episode of the eleventh season of the American animated television sitcom The Simpsons.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 30, In the episode, Homer suffers from a nervous breakdown after taking a quiz that reveals he only has three years left to live.

To calm. "Maximum Homerdrive" is the seventeenth episode of The Simpsons ' tenth season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 28, In the episode, Homer challenges trucker Red Barclay to a meat eating contest, which Barclay is the long-standing champion of.

Barclay wins, but quickly dies of "beef poisoning", making it the .

Chalkboard writing animation screenplays
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