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British punk cinema, such as Jubilee and Rude Boy is another example of ideologically inspired cult film. They revel in the number of references, interpretations and connections their knowledge allows them to make and by doing so they equip films with multiple subtexts.

At its most subtle, intertextuality offers playful inside jokes for avid audiences. Their reception does not typically end at the vaults of a bank or the archives of a museum of heritage. Scanners or Natural Born Killers for instance remained hotly debated for years after their release, becoming associated by proxy with several kinds of scandals.

Instead of taking culture seriously, cult films carnivalize culture, turning it into one big uncontrolled mess. A second quality is Badness. Though they often exist in the margins, cult films stick around forever in fetish markets where they maintain in constant demand.

The Political Economy of Cult Film A lot of cult films are produced for profit, so producers appreciate smooth planning and shooting, but something always goes wrong with cult films — there is always something unplanned intervening in the one of the levels of production, promotion, or reception that gives it the reputation it needs to become cult.

The way audiences have described their sense of belonging to a group after having seen the avant-premiere of The Lord of the Ringsor a rare screening of One Second in Montrealare good examples of this.

In a few cases, films also find timely, often unintended, fits with issues high on the cultural agenda, giving them a pressing topicality. Since the mids, this process has become known as paracinematic consumption, and the resulting canon as paracinema.

They are also typical for scenes that show obvious signs of inclusion, or deletion of material at a later stage caused by censorship, studio interference, wear, or force majeure. In between, Avid or smart audiences combine in-depth factual and theoretical knowledge about films with an informed understanding of narrative and stylistic sophistication.

Buffs are the extreme opposite of cinephiles, revelling in their appreciation and trivial knowledge of almost every single film. Cult films often walk a blurry line between exposing and capitalizing on these sensitivities, regularly giving the impression they problematize as well as reinforce prejudices.

Films depicting, or set in, rarely viewed locations, such as rainforests of the poles, also attract curiosity. As with most rituals in society, aspects of purity, initiation, and infection play a crucial role in this celebration.

Cult films often seem to represent topics deemed unusual or inappropriate.

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The term describes the complexity of the alternative canon constructed. As with traditional cultism, cult cinema reception relies on rituals of celebration, sometimes with hierarchical orders imposed on the activities, and with fairly strict delineations for roles in the ceremonies. Cult stars often suffer major setbacks personally as well as professionally and their careers and lives are surrounded by mystery and tragedy.

Once bitten, the bug stays. Exploitation cineastes like Lucio Fulci and Jean Rollin, and the more edgy work of iconoclastic directors like Guy Maddin or Gregg Araki thrives on such circuits. Claims of misogyny are often made against rape-revenge films, like Straw DogsI Spit on Your GraveBaise-moior Ichi the Killerwith the films receiving praise for their boldness as well as criticism for their objectification of women.A Bit of Cult Context; Research Background; Investigators; CULT MOVIE RESEARCH originally, the term ‘cult film’ was reserved for long-term commitments of fringe audiences to ‘small’ movies at the edges of culture.

they were often bad, or badly made, or both. It is under this now classic description that the term cult gained.

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ENC 1102 Classic Film Assignment: Classic Film Research

Narrative film provides more topics for research than there are stars in the sky, it seems: controversial subjects like religion and politics; classic comedy that defines what our American culture finds funny; romance and drama that underscores the human condition and plumbs the depths of our interpersonal relationships.

FILM Spring F i l m G e n r e s | F i l m N o i r R E S E A R C H P A P E R T O P I C S Your assignment is to write a page (3, word) research paper on one of the topics listed below.

Classic Movie Analysis Research PaperYou are going to choose a classic film from the list below to analyze. These films are consideredclassics for different re Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to .

Classic film research paper
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