Debate on mandatory drug testing

Many arguments exist supporting both sides of the debate. Urine, hair and breath samples can be used to detect use of most common drugs, especially cannabis, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or PCP.

If the prospect of running after dragons is not scary enough, then random drug tests sound almost like fun. There are many simple methods of drug testing that are not too invasive. The purpose of random drug testing is not so much to catch offenders but to prevent all students fro The idea of prevention goes to the root of the drug problem; other methods of deterrence are less invasive, such as encouraging extra-curricular activities, fostering better parental relations, tackling poverty and safety and so on.

It is especially important to protect teenagers, at an impressionable age and at the time when their attitude to education greatly affects their entire lives. You also stated that "Fact of the matter is that even though each year thousands of students try illicit drugs for the first time, only a small number of them become addicted users.

The purpose of random drug testing is not so much to catch offenders but to prevent all students from offending in the first place. Instead of having students high or even with worser symptomswe are moving on to having responsible students aware of the consequences that come with drug usage.

Current measures to tackle drugs at the source i. I would like to remind the audience, that as he made the debate, he has the "Burden of Proof", because of this he must prove, Beyond doubt, that drug tests do not help our schooling system.

Draconian, Big Brother-style tactics of random drug testing will only provoke resentment and encourage students to break the law. The most a high school can do to after a student has tested positive is give disciplinary actions.

Employee Drug Testing Pros and Cons

I mean let"s face reality " in an era where resources are scare and time is of the essence, a drug testing policy is the least of problems that schools should be worrying about. Research generally agrees that drug testing is ineffective because it fails to deter student drug use and should never be considered as a stand " alone approach to a drug problem.

Debate for random drug testing in schools?

Additionally, alcohol by nature is harder to appear in most drug tests because it does not remain in the blood long enough, yet there is are more adolescent alcoholics than there are adolescent drug addicts.

Another thing that is common is that kids will turn to alcohol or cocaine because they leave the body much quicker than marijuana would.

Debate: Drug testing in schools

Similar patterns were observed for other measures of student-reported substance use, but those differences were not statistically significant.

Can we really assume that drug testing in schools is the silver bullet for the prevention of youth substance abuse?At a time when increasing numbers of Americans are struggling financially and relying on public assistance, implementing mean-spirited and ineffectual mandatory drug-testing policies is both.

Deterring drug use is the main objective of random drug testing. The purpose of random drug testing is not so much to catch offenders but to prevent all students from offending in the first place. Yes, schools should conduct mandatory drug testing. There is understanding on the student's privacy, but the test is for a greater cause.

All of the kids that don't have anything to do with drugs may feel insecure or unsafe around students with drugs. The study, The Effectiveness of Mandatory-Random Student Drug Testing, examined 7 districts that were awarded grants in by the U.S.

Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools to implement mandatory-random drug testing programs in their 36 high schools.

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Yes Related Debates: Drug testing, mandatory for public officials; Are schools doing enough to prevent illegal drug abuse by teenagers? Oct 19,  · I'm not sure that there are any reasoned, logical arguments in favour of random drug testing in schools, any more than there would be for random drug testing of .

Debate on mandatory drug testing
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