Edna staebler personal essay contest

What are your preoccupations as a poet? I write short fiction here and there, but I rarely feel the same urgency with prose as with poetry projects. How do interactions between English and French affect your writing?

Why does my conception of the divine have to be male? You mention in one of your interviews about turning to poetic books of the Bible for inspiration. Also, trust that you have something to contribute.

The birds are different here in Halifax than in Kitchener-Waterloo — fewer geese, more starlings, for example. Religion is a huge preoccupation for me. As a queer feminist, I also have a lot of political opinions on patriarchal religion in general, and Roman Catholicism in particular. Do you find knowing more than one language positively impacts your writing, or is it more of a hindrance?

And what in particular scratches at my heart? Tell me a bit about your new book, No Meeting Without Body. Poetry is definitely one of my preferred ways to interact with my religious tradition as myth, Edna staebler personal essay contest also to explore my own relationship with the divine, if I can even have one.

Two things are essential: I find this movement, this energy, compelling, both as a reader and a writer. Poetry is urgent to me in the way it calls for urgency, and the way it often creates the effect of urgency through a variety of stylistic and rhetorical devices.

The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest Submission Deadline

I enjoy meeting new writers and being exposed to new communities and their concernsbut I also spend a lot of time reading, and the books I read keep me in touch with other concerns and traditions.

I mean, how do I access the divine as an agnostic? Knowing other languages has been both a hindrance and a positive influence.

I enjoy reading and writing poetry, and most of the time, what I want to write about calls for a poem. This interview was conducted over email from 4th Sept to 6th Sept This specific move had an immediate effect on my most recent writing project, because when I arrived in Halifax about a year agoI was working on a project with a lot of bird imagery.

I originally had another title for my collection: What do I make of the beauty of this tradition when it is also so oppressive?

Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest

Why write mainly in this medium? I pored over my book looking for standout lines. Andrew liked it, so we went ahead with it. I keep a notebook with me so I can jot things down when I need to.

Is writing a religious pursuit for you as well that is, writing poetry as an extension of engaging with your religious identity?

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The line resonated, for me, with the rest of the book in various and abstract ways. Many of my poems are re-writings of stories or imitations of devotional verse, from the Bible or elsewhere.

You are a student in French Studies. I also write prose, though quite slowly. Originally from Ontario, she currently lives and writes in Halifax. You moved to Halifax not too long ago. I think this poem betrays my interest in devotion without religion, which is something I continue to explore.

Yet, you write primarily in English. I do wish I had a more structured writing practice. One of the upsides to too many moves is engaging with different writing communities.I just had an essay longlisted for The New Quarterly‘s Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest.

It was the first time I wrote creative non-fiction, and I’d like to try more of it. I write short fiction here and there, but I rarely feel. About. Sponsored by the St.

Jerome's University English Department, this short fiction contest is named in honour of Peter Hinchcliffe, who was instrumental in the founding of the magazine and has made an impact in the lives of many students in his longstanding role as lecturer at St.

Jerome’s University. The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest Submission Deadline. The deadline for the contest The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest was on March 28, Submission Calendar.

Every January I mark my calendar with the deadlines of some big Canadian writing contests. Ideally, this reminds me to submit to them. But even if I don’t, the deadlines remind me that “oh, right, I’m supposed to be writing.” The New Quarterly‘s Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest deadline.

29th: NYC Midnight. The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest: $ for one winning essay. Deadline: March 28, Edna Staebler was a pioneer in the field of literary journalism and a beloved figure in her (our) home region of Waterloo, Ontario. 6) Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest: The New Quarterly, a magazine based in Waterloo, Ontario, runs this contest, which opens in the early winter.

Poetry and its Preoccupations: An Interview with Annick MacAskill

First prize is $ and publication in The New Quarterly.

Edna staebler personal essay contest
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