Historical perspective of nigerian politics

Afro-Asiatic is a much larger linguistic group and comprises Hausa, Margi, and Bade, among others. The constitution was fashioned to reflect some of the tenets of true federalism. How can a federal constitution — mere words on paper — produce a government that is strong, flexible, and resilient?

Jos Crisis and Ethnic Animosity in Nigeria - A Historical Perspective

Sea salt was obtained in the coastal area by boiling sea water to obtain the salt sediment and in the semi-desert area by leaching saline soils. Today it is free of this.

From when Lagos became the British Crown Colony to the eve of amalgamation Nigeria was ruled and administered as two separate and distinct colonial territories called the Colony and the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria.

Widely circulated commodities included salt, Historical perspective of nigerian politics tools, kola nuts, luxury items, and textiles. The periodic markets in a region belonged to a ring, linked by a sequence of operation whereby different towns held markets on different days, thus allowing traders to different markets at different days.

Their identity as Nigerians lay in the shadow of their tribal and parochial allegiances.

International Relations in Historical Perspective, M.A.

But this does not necessarily imply the essential properties of union, any more than a heap of sand implies, union. In later years, powerful Obas emerged and assumed sacred characteristics.

This and such other forums for sectional interests are centrifugal forces in a federation and should be disbanded by the Federal government.

Without constitutional boundaries, the national government would usurp the power of the states. The Ekumeku, who were well organized and whose leaders were joined in secrecy oaths, effectively utilized guerrilla tactics to attack the British. Despite its promise, the NDDC has not lived up to expectations.

Leather work produced a host of specialists in curing, tanning, and dyeing animal skins for others to turn into bags, cushions, saddle covers, and other valuable goods. It was discovered that before when a unified local government system was adopted throughout the country, each of the federating unit, later state, operated the type of local government system that was unique to their political needs, but the advent of military regime with its centralised form of government affected this former arrangement.

Valuable crops were produced, notably kola nuts, fish, and sea salt, all of which became part of longdistance trade. However, despite these accolades there is a caveat that there should be a holistic review of the programme to meet the prevailing circumstance in the country in order for it to be more relevant in our strive against the challenges of our socio-cultural, economic and political realities of the 21st century.

The problem of sovereignty was not solved by the Declaration of independence.

BOOK REVIEW: Nigeria’s Politics of Last Resort

Despite its federal status, Nigeria is usually characterized as a deeply divided state in which major political issues are vigorously — some would say violently — contested along the lines of the complex ethnic, religious, and regional divisions in the country The issues that have generated the fiercest contestation include those that are considered fundamental to the existence and legitimacy of a state in Nigeria; competing groups tend to adopt exclusionary, winner-take-all strategies.

The City of Calabar was the seat of power of the Calabar Kingdom. Members lived in the same compound and the head of the compound organized them for economic functions.corruption in Nigeria from a historical-socio-economic perspective.

The paper argues that the political leadership class in Nigeria cannot exonerate itself from the current travails of socio-economic.

Nigeria: Politics And Historical Perspectives (1)

Jos Crisis and Ethnic Animosity in Nigeria - A Historical Perspective No one should blame or accuse the first generation of post-independence Nigerian leaders of tribal politics as manifested. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON NIGERIA – UGANDA RELATIONS A Keynote Address By Dr. Christian C.


Ezeala, PhD, AMLSCN, MICR, CSci (UK), MRSNZ (Chartered Scientist, Fellow of African Scientific Institute, Fellow of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. The Nigerian postage stamps have been commemorative of important events, personalities of note, anniversaries while both the commemorative and definitive have reflected the nation’s geographical, socio-cultural and other monumental features.

Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (Nigerian Chapter) Vol. 2, No. 7, 1 WOMEN MARGINALIZATION IN ELECTORAL POLITICS IN NIGERIA: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE.

Historical Perspective On The Niger Delta

Resilience of Traditions in Contemporary Politics: A Historical Study of the Political Influence of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria contemporary Nigerian politics in spite of their official and constitutional relegation to the background.

This could be explained from the perspective of the fact that, by traditions, they were supposed to.

Historical perspective of nigerian politics
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