History research papers

First, lay your first draft aside for a day or so to gain distance from it. Then if you do not know how to find that particular kind of information, ASK.

No one should pick a topic without trying to figure out how one could discover pertinent information, nor should anyone settle on a topic before getting some background information about the general area.

First try to figure out what kinds of things you should know about a topic to answer your research question. If you are dealing with a legal matter check into the background of the judges who make the court decision and the circumstances surrounding the original incident or law.

What precisely are my key questions? On the basis of this thesis statement and outline, start writing, even pieces, as soon as you have enough information to start. To History research papers it well requires several steps of refinement.

It also pays to browse the Internet. Research Guide and Writing Guide 1. Critical advice for larger papers: Eliminate unnecessary passive or awkward noun constructions active-voice, verbal constructions are usually more effective ; improve the flow of your transitions; avoid repetitions or split infinitives; correct apostrophes in possessives and such.

You are now ready to check for basic rules of good writing. For specific article searches "Uncover" press returns for the "open access" or possibly less likely for history "First Search" through "Connect to Other Resources" in MUSE can also be useful.

Many sources are also available on-line. If you run into smaller research questions just mark the text with a searchable symbol. The next step is to narrow your topic. But do not overdo it. In other words, each bit of information you find should open the possibility of other research paths.

You should generally discuss with your professor at that point whether your question is a feasible one. You must write conceptually a new paper at this point, even if you can use paragraphs and especially quotes, factual data in the new draft.

Check the several good dictionaries of biography for background on people, or see if there is a standard book-length biography. S62 and the Humanities Index Ref. It pays to browse in the reference room at the library and poke into the guides which are on the shelves. You cannot count on a good research paper coming from browsing on one shelf at the library.

There are whole books which are listings of other books on particular topics. See also Historical Abstracts Ref.

Do not get too detailed at this point. The "second draft" is a fully re-thought and rewritten version of your paper. The trick of good research is detective work and imaginative thinking on how one can find information.

It is often more effective not to start at the point where the beginning of your paper will be. Last but not least, cut out unnecessary verbiage and wordiness.History: Sample Research Paper 2 female protagonist who is struggling in an atmosphere of parental oppression.

Manuel Rivas, in his short story La lengua de las mariposas (or Butterfly tongues), gives his readers a similar child-like perspective, but his is that of a little boy who struggles to understand the changes in his life brought about by. History of the Insurance Industry – History of the Insurance Industry research papers examine the last years in light of business ethics.

Handbook for Historians

History of Labor Day- History of Labor Day Research Paper discusses how this. Research within librarian-selected research topics on United States History from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

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History research papers
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