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It would be featured, along with some diss tracks directed at Ruthless, on his RAW mixtape, which was released that same year. Also in Julyit was announced that Hopsin had signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros.

Pound Syndrome was released on July 24, Raw Hopsin album Hopsin released "Nocturnal Rainbows" as the first single off of Ill mind of hopsin upcoming second album Raw on August 1, However, in late December, Travis Barker would say they are working on a collaboration EP which would be released in However, on December 25,Hopsin shared a video on his YouTube channel called "The REAL reason Hopsin left the music industry" with label mate Jarren Benton inspired by the film Dumb and Dumber To which stated that he was not quitting rap and it was all a joke, also revealing that he will be releasing a new album called Pound Syndrome in On "Ill Mind of Hopsin 7", Hopsin lyrically shares his religious beliefs, his views Ill mind of hopsin other religious beliefs and the connections between religion, history and governance.

He then stated that it was for sure the realest song he has ever wrote in his career. Pound Syndrome On January 30, while on tour, Hopsin was scheduled to perform a show in Fort Collins, Colorado but feeling deeply depressed and even suicidal he walked out the back door of the venue before the performance.

Born Marcus Hopson, the Los Angeles native signed with Ruthless inwith his Gazing at the Moonlight album following on the label two years later. He hid in a house under construction until he called a friend to pick him up.

At the end of the video, the release date for Knock Madness was confirmed as November 26, Success with Funk Volume and Raw Main article: Gazing at the Moonlight Hopsin began recording his debut project Emurge in and was eventually released locally incopies of the project are very sparse and hard to find, a bootleg version appeared online in and had many extra songs on it, however to this day the album has never been released officially.

Following the Knock Madness tour beginning in DecemberHopsin planned to go on a hiatus also saying, "When I take a break, I am Ill mind of hopsin going to be making music, I am [just] not going to be out publicly promoting shit.

The album debuted at number 17 on the Billboard with first-week sales of 17, copies. Also Available in iTunes About Hopsin At first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless, but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track "Sag My Pants" on his own in late I am just going to be in my own house, doing whatever the fuck I want to do.

Undercover Prodigy and No Shame Hopsin album In JanuaryHopsin had announced on social media that Funk Volume is "officially dead", due to ongoing business issues and financial disputes with his business partner and co-founder of the label, Damien Ritter.

Undercover Prodigy and No Shame Main articles: It had received over 1 million views in less than 24 hours and currently has over 50 million views. The album was released on November 24, It debuted at number 17 on the Billboard Old Friend" on his YouTube channel.

On June 1,the first single off the album "Crown Me" was released. The second single "Fly" was released on July 8, Shortly after launching Funk Volume, both Hopsin and SwizZz released a collaborative mixtape titled Haywire in June to promote the label.

In MarchHopsin officially left Funk Volume and has since founded his own independent record label company, Undercover Prodigy. Pound Syndrome Main article: The video became a YouTube success and currently has over 37 million views. Following the dissolution of Funk Volume, the label he had founded in with business partner Damien Ritter, Hopsin launched a new label of his own, Undercover Prodigy.

Finding myself as a person. Pound Syndrome followed on the label inwith guest appearances from Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright.

Hopsin who dropped out earlier that year was sent to Los Angeles County Jail where he spent a year. His first effort for the fledgling label was a diss song to Ritter, "Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.

Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

He has said the album has more of a positive message and said it is "better than Dr. Self-promotion suited the then independent rapper as his "Sag My Pants" track lit up Internet video-sharing sites in Mainstream breakthrough and Knock Madness Main article:Lyrics to 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5' by Hopsin.

Man I hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it / I've become a freak of nature all the kids stare at / Who walk. "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9" lyrics. Hopsin Lyrics "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9" Our lives could'a been so good But momma had to fuck it all up And now your daddy doesn't fuck with your momma No, daddy doesn't fuck with your momma All together, come on Our lives could'a been so good.

"Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Hopsin. It is the fifth installment in the "Ill Mind" series and was released on July 18, by Funk Volume.

Hopsin is a standout rapper among an army of weak rappers who water down hip hop music for everyone. Instead of making songs about stacking and spending money or drinking and blowing it all on strip clubs, Hopsin instead creates music that will challenge.

In JulyHopsin released the fourth installment of his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" video series which later received over 21 million views on YouTube. In it he disses Tyler, the Creator of the Los Angeles hip hop collective, Odd Future.

Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 Lyrics: Man, I hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it / I've become a freak of nature all the kids stare at / Who walk around bumpin' Raw with the shit blarin' / Saying "Fuck.

Ill mind of hopsin
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