Internal external influences on consumer behaviour marketing essay

People of different age have different needs and wants and buy different goods and services over their life time. Hawkins, Best and Coney mentioned the differences in consuming the products and services among the different occupational classes, whether it would be normal grocery like soap or food or even the electronic products like mobile phone or computer.

Personal experience—have they purchased this product before? This is a personal set of values that everyone has and it causes consumers to buy what they are comfortable buying, such as purchasing from specific countries of origin, or products that they are brand loyal to.

Influences on Decision-making Group such as culture, family, friends, the referrer Environmental factors such as time, temperature, etc. Kotler commented that the market is divided based on factors like age, gender, income, occupation, education, family size, and religion, race, generation, nationality and social class.

They will look for cues in the message that pertain to the product, its attributes, and advantages.

External influences in consumer behavior

Many bakeries will pump the smell of their treats outside the store, so that passersby will be more likely to want to come in.

Internal factors Lifestyle, personality, decision making process, motivation, etc. Where you send your children to school. These factors are the basic factors to differentiate customer groups as the customer wants, preferences and usage are usually involve demographic factors.

Social Judgment Theory Another theory for explaining attitude changes, this theory states that consumers compare incoming information to a frame of reference previously formed; The incoming messages are then filtered down two paths—latitudes of acceptance and latitudes of rejection.

According to Flynnage is a very important demographic factors that influences on the decision making process on the purchase because natural factor, easy to measure and use it a lot of social science theories. Here is a list of the external influences that affect consumer behavior: People buy an automobile because they need it, but then they choose the brand, model, etc.

For example, graduate students have different buying behavior comparing to the undergraduate students even though they might stand in the same age group.

They are more conscious of the quality, price and services. Advertising and promotions e. Peter and Oslon have indicate that the different in the income level of people has influences on the value, behaviors and lifestyles.

In the US white is a color worn at weddings, and in China, red is the color of choice for weddings. In agreement with Solomonthe buying power and market potential is also define by income of a person, as people obtain goods and services that they need to show their choices, in which more money will be required to do so.

Purchase decision Post-purchase behavior. This model shows how attitudes are changed based on the level of involvement in the purchase. Kotler mentioned that the different needs and wants are different in different age groups.

This is when messages are considered favorable and consumers agree with the message. Social Class This can be simply defined by set of factors like income, family background and occupation.

Before making a purchase, consumers will go through an external information search. Cognitive responses in persuasion.

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If the consumer is highly involved in the purchase, then they will put forth considerable effort toward understanding the marketing messages. Word of mouth According to East et al.

External influences – Introduction

Age Age is one of the demographic variables that often use to divide the market segment as it helps marketers to understand and keep themselves up to date of the changing life cycle of each generation Dibb et al. People from the same family, social class, or income level can have totally different lifestyles.

They will go through this search in order to evaluate the alternatives and narrow down their list of choices. Everyone has two lifestyles-the one they are currently in and the one they want to be in, which is always better than the current one. If the consumer is not highly involved in the purchase, or lacks the motivation to process information, they are more likely to pay attention to the attractiveness of the people in the advertisement, images and music, which are all non-product related information.

Classic and contemporary approaches. External influences can also include situational influences, sometimes called atmospherics—sensory items in an environment that may change buying patterns, such as music, color, smell, and lighting.

For example most ads targeting children show children that are almost too old for the product, this appeals to younger children who desire to be like them. Skiing, for example, is higher than the snowmobile Solomon However, it is mentioned in Solomon as one wealthy woman observed when she was asked to define social class: These cues play a major role in persuading consumers to purchase.Consumer behavior.

According to Foxall (, pp. 3), consumer behavior is an important part of academic marketing as there is no fix rules but application area that depends on the disciplines like economics and psychology that provided with the attitudes, methodologies, theories and techniques.

Influences on Decision-making. External. External influences in consumer behavior The Benetton Group is a native Italian company whose core business is clothing.

Founded onBenetton has reached countries with more than 5, stores located around the world. A. Lifestyle. Lifestyle is a common word to explain complicated consumer behaviors. Lifestyle is a way to segment people into groups based on three things: opinions, attitudes and ultimedescente.comyle means the ways groups of consumers spend time and money.

When marketing products, it imperative that Apple analyzes the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies to connect with its target market.

Internal Influences – Lifestyle and Attitude

Team A will illustrate external and internal influences faced by Apple, and analyze the impact that these influences have on the Apples marketing strategy. What influences a Filipino consumer to purchase products or services?

The Filipino consumer buying process is a complex matter as many internal and external factors have an impact on the buying decisions of Filipinos.

Consumer Behaviour helps to comprehend the external variables like reference groups, family, social class, and, culture, and their influence on consumer decision-making process. Consumers are faced with many external influences, including an individual’s culture, subculture, household structure, and groups that he associates with.

Internal external influences on consumer behaviour marketing essay
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