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With the Russian army advancing on Germany, the prisoners of Auschwitz are marched out of the camp with the retreating Germans. After they arrive, Artie takes the opportunity to continue interviewing his father about his experiences during the Holocaust.

The four girls who were hanged were also good friends of Anja. Anya suspected the smugglers but for once Vladek let down his guard. We will discuss some of the topics over the next few weeks, but you may want to look at them for some ideas for your close reading.

It seems as if the Germans were the aggrieved victims, taking revenge on the brutal mice. Jenni EnglishEssay 1: Down with Mickey Mouse! We must struggle together.

The story fades back and forth from present to past, giving the story a more personal perspective, making the reader feel that they are actually there with Artie and Vladek as well, listening in on the horrors of the Maus essay prompts. Vladek and Anja are separated and put on crowded train cars for shipment to Auschwitz.

Artie loves his father, but feels almost smothered by his yearning for him to constantly be around, helping with household tasks, and calls in the early morning hours.

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I felt angry, I felt numb. Vladek, who is distressed about Mala and her regards for his money, wants Artie and his wife Franoise to live with him. Vladek imagines that Mala is stealing his money; he imagines her screams upon his deathbed: They receive a phone call from Vladek, who is on vacation at his summer home in the Catskill Mountains.

A touch of black humour conveys this depiction, which is both poignant and mocking. The love story becomes particularly poignant when Anja and Vladek are separated in Auschwitz and Birkenau. It came such a misery in Warsaw, almost none survived. However, only their heads resemble animals, and the rest of their bodies look, act, dress, and talk like humans.

One who was imprisoned so harshly for views quite similar is quite ironic and shocking. It also contained forty sub-camps. The barbed wire separates the young kids from the parents as a reminder of the inhumanity of the regime.

Spiegelman was awarded a special Pulitzer Prize inacknowledging his achievement with Maus. No interpretation of a selected text, with no textual evidence offered in support. On what basis does Spiegelman appear to choose the animals he does?

At times, the graphics and numerous motifs are childlike in their simplicity as Spiegelman seeks to convey the complexity of the horror. Complex discussion and critical analysis of the ways in which the author constructs meaning and expresses or implies a point of view and values.

But they were trapped, and sent to Auschwitz inand there was nothing they could do but pray to survive. Thorough knowledge of the ideas, characters and themes constructed and presented in the selected text.

What does Spiegelman gain by telling the story of the Holocaust primarily through the perspective of a single individual? Trains symbolise loss and displacement on a grand scale. Remember that Artie also calls Anja a murderer at one point [I, ]. Artie goes to visit his therapist, Pavel, a Czech Jew who is also a survivor of Auschwitz.

How prevalent are such devices and what makes them funny? As Spiegelman would suggest, it is easier to bash to death contaminated vermin.Maus – Timed Text Response Task: You are required to develop an extended essay response to a question or statement concerning the graphic novel Maus.

In your response, you must discuss the narrative devices and structures as well as thematic content and values in the text. Middle School English with Mrs. Sullivan. Search this site. Welcome! Analogy Info. Word Voyage. Writing Prompts. ‎ > ‎English 8‎ > ‎Maus‎ > ‎ Possible Maus Essay Questions.

Choose one of the following questions to answer fully in your essay. How does Vladek's burning of the notes relate to the Holocaust?

MAUS Essay Questions.

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Buy Study Guide. 1. Though the author was born in Sweden after the end of the Holocaust, the events have nevertheless had a profound effect on his life. Discuss the nature of these effects and why the Holocaust remains such a formative event.

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2. The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman. Cat and Mouse by Dr Jennifer Minter (English Works Notes, ) Please see a typical student’s essay written with my assistance (Dr Jennifer Minter) Tweet. Primary Sidebar. Cart. Please help us to help you. Text Pairs Year (George Orwell). MAUS essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of MAUS by Art Spiegelman. Essays and criticism on Art Spiegelman - Critical Essays. Maus: A Survivor's Tale I: My Father Bleeds History and Maus: A Survivor's Tale II: And Here My Troubles Began Art Spiegelman (Has also.

Maus essay prompts
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