Proton holdings sdn bhd pest analysis

It has a high demand of the product in the market that is the significant opportunity of it. Technology is the significant factor that affected the Proton car.

It is the significant factor of the Proton car. Proton has fast and advances technology changes that are threat of its fast growth in the market. The development in technology is the beneficial for the performance and position of the company. It has a huge distribution network that helps to raise the sales of the Proton cars in Malaysia market.

Malaysian country has to follow many legal activities that to run their car business in the market. Key challenges or issues: Due to the AFTA, it has raised the competitive in the market that will impact the performance of the Proton.

Technology is the demand of the current market that affected the sales of the Proton car in the automotive sector. The Toyato and Honda is the main competitive in the market that is big challenges for the Proton to survive in the competitive market.

Due to this reason, the Proton is lacking in abroad operations. Further, Proton has high potential to grow in the competitive market due to technological innovation.

The population is the significant factor that affected the automobile industry.

They were recalling close to of its vehicles from the Preve, Suprima, and Exora model, due to a cooler hose issues in the car model. It delivers cars and car parts in Malaysia market.

The key issues with Proton car is that its share price fell to The environmental regulation in Malaysia can be found during the British colonialism that presented the environmental standards about the agriculture and mineral to European countries.

Introduction This paper describes the various aspects of the Proton holdings. It is the lack of original products and limited products due to an innovative model of it.

It operates in at least 26 nations. The objective is to evaluate the depth analysis of the Proton car in Malaysia. It has a low brand image in the local market that is the signifcant strength of it. The Proton car sales are expected to fall by Malaysian government supports the automotive sector.

So, the car manufacturer has support from the government that is considered as the significant entity in any business environment. Malaysian people are familiar with its brand. Proton used high technology in their car manufacturer. A legal procedure helps to survive Proton car business in the Malaysian market.

Proton vision is to provide a clear picture of doable and what we design to achieve. So, they desire to launch new car model to raise their sales in the current competitive market. These are the significant key challenges or issues in Proton car that described below: The ratio of car ownership in the nation is high that presents that people are taking interest to buy cars in their lives.

It covers the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of the Proton car. The Malaysian country has a good political condition as well as business growth perspective. It has well-established transport network such as rail, road and air network that affected the social factor of the Proton car.

Proton Holdings Sdn Bhd SWOT Analysis

Proton has a lot of competition in local and abroad market that is a threat of it. It is possible by the political certainty in Malaysia.

Proton brand is notorious for sales growth. It is the another significant factor that affected the Proton holding. Fuller et al The Malaysian government is expecting a slow economic growth for the nation that can affect the buying behavior of the customers. So, the Proton has good future in the market.The objective is to evaluate the depth analysis of the Proton car in Malaysia.

It enables to determine the key issues,mission,vision & objective statement,environment analysis,inter Philips SWOT and PESTLE Analysis; Sony SWOT And PESTLE Analysis; Enron Case Study Swot Analysis; Case Study Writing Services; Proton Holdings Bhd /5(14K).

The primary purpose of the SWOT analysis here is Proton-Edar Sdn Bhd to identify and assign each significant factor, positive and negative, to one of the four categories, allowing Proton-Edar Sdn Bhd to take an objective look at the business.

BACKGROUND OF PROTON Proton Holdings Bhd Type Public (Bursa Malaysia: PROTON) Industry Automotive Louis Vuitton Bodyshop International PLC Coca-Cola Corporation Perodua Sdn Bhd Proton Holdings Berhad The requirements for the report sections as described below: i) Company Background This section will present an.

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NEW PROTON 3S CENTRE OPENS IN PUCHONG BY ATIARA JOHAN SDN BHD Petaling Jaya, 14 September – Atiara Johan Sdn Bhd has officially launched its new 3S dealer outlet here today.

In this report, several business management toolkits will be designed and presented to Proton Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (“Proton”), to assist the management team to lead a transformation process in the organization.

PESTLE analysis will be used to assist the management team in Proton to understand how the business environment has been .

Proton holdings sdn bhd pest analysis
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