The maxfli approach

I remember a time when picking a golf ball was simple.

The Maxfli Approach - the British American Tobacco

IMO all the people who attack me for not sugar coating my posts should stop whining and go to sh! Nicklaus is also giving back to humanity with these balls as every purchase of a dozen will be matched with a charitable contribution by his company.

Some of the guys here are a bit quick on the keyboard and are shooting me down before they even finish reading my posts. These balls are definitely a step up from the two piece construction. If you are a low handicap golfer, this may be you best choice on the market.

Approach shots do release more than I would like when they land on the green, but hey, nobody ever said a Noodle was as good as a Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x when it comes to greenside spin.

The RZN Platinum has the softest cover out of the two.

Dunlop Sport

Overall, this is a great choice. The B is the The maxfli approach in the group that is built to minimize spin on your drive.

Then you had the tour ball. Wilson knew that most modern golfers prefer a softer ball to give them greater control and feel.

The mantles are covered by a cast urethane cover, which is pretty much the standard in ball covers today. All of them have an amazing six layers: As a result, their Noodle often flies farther. The result is a very well balanced golf ball that gives you the feel that you need, and the distance to get you close.

This lower flight translates into more distance. One of the best golf balls offered inin my opinion, I am a huge fan of these made by Wilson.

It has a three piece construction and is designed to give you a lower flight with your driver. Another important factor to consider is whether we are going for distance or feel.

Maxfli BlackMAX Golf Ball Review

There is has a trend in recent years to gravitate to lower compression balls because they tend to play better on your approach shots and on the green itself. Only drawback is that scuffed noticably after only one round. A few guys I play with are starting to use them.

To many of us, this Callaway Speed Regime series is the top of the line, and considered to be the best ball you can buy in by many reviewers.

This one is made for low handicap golfers that are more concerned with longer shots.

What ever happened to the Maxfli A10?

They are a tour ball and are discounted right now on Amazon. It is designed for you low handicap golfers that have a club swing speed of at least 95 miles per hour.

Each one in this Callaway series has different dimple patterns to match your swing speed. The Z-Star has the lowest compression of the two. IT sort of fell into a strange spot of being a good ball, but not a great ball.

The Noodle golf ball is designed to be affordable and maximize distance but have a softer feel at impact. The Tour Preferred X is a bit harder.

I hit a really solid shot and the ball flew high and straight at the flag with no movement. They often have 3 or 4 layers, producing better feel and added spin. These are my picks for the best golf balls of The performance of the ball left me feeling very mixed.

This Bridgestone series is regarded by many as the premier ball on the market. The RZN Black has a core with a waffled shape.Understanding Golf Ball Design.

Maxfli Golf Club Sets

Will Help With Proper Selection. Golf Ball Design. The ultimate use for the golf ball predetermines it's design and construction. A golf ball design for maximum spin will have a completely different type of golf ball construction than a ball designed for maximum distance.

Maxfli Softfli golf balls are one of the most popular balls under $20/dozen. With an ultra low 35 compression, they are very soft and produce less spin off the tee for distance. These balls have a 2 piece design and have an option between two. What ever happened to the Maxfli A10? - posted in Equipment Opinions: I have a few dozen laying around and broke out a sleeve @ my local course today.

WOW! These balls are easily a year old and I was still out driving my usual Dunlop Locos by yds w/ my driver (less w/ the 3 wood and irons). My question is, what ever happened to these balls?

Maxfli Golf Balls Review

SKU: _ Iconic Maxfli Noodle Golf ball,the dimple patten is specifically designed for long carry off the tee and a soft feel on approach. The Noodle golf ball has been around a long time, and over the years several versions have been sold. Once exclusively marketed by Maxfli, now TaylorMade has lent its name and is trying to widen the brand's appeal.

"The goal has always been the same for Maxfli: set out to make the best golf balls in the market for our customers. Velocity has high flight off the tee and on approach shots to help stop the ball on the green.

Velocity is available in three new visual offerings in Orange, Pink and VISI-white (with double-digit play numbers).".

The maxfli approach
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