The rebirth of pinagrealan cave essay

SM Fairview is about 31 kms to Norzagaray. Stalactites and stalagmites abound after passing through two passages 10 meters from the portal, which converges some 20 meters to the underground stream.

After advertising and promoting it for five months this event is going to held it at Bigte Circle. We will convince the local people in the community by telling them that they will get some job opportunities when we develop the cave.

I was really impressed on how they maintained this place. It was said that Gen. The cave is officially open to public. We will also put some trash bins for the proper disposal of the waste.

It really looked like a private resort. Norzagaray has several attractions whether it is natural or man-made. The program aims to increase the awareness of potential target market tourists regarding the possibilities and tourism products of Pinagrealan cave as a tourism destination; increase the incoming information queries from local and foreign markets regarding Pinagrealan Cave as a tourism destination.

The helmets and the lights really made our adventure safer too. Originally we planed hiking going to Lioness Back and Rhino Rocks of Norzagaray, Bulacan however locals told us that the area was closed already due to some accident that was happened back then. They could surely have a great adventure.

Bulacan has a local channel that introduces the beautiful and historical places here in Bulacan.

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We provide a lot of garbage cans or trash cans in the area. Aguinaldo once stayed there for days before proceeding to San Miguel to go to Biak — Na — Bato to replenish forces and to let their tired and sick bodies recuperate from illnesses brought about by encounters with Spanish Soldiers, to which they were often at a losing end.

From Tungko there are many small buses and jeeps to Norzagaray town proper. In terms of infrastructure almost all the major roads are cemented and accessible to all types of vehicle. Transportation Norzagaray is about 42kms from Malolos City, the travel would take for about 46 minutes.

They believe to its healing ability.

Pinagrealan Cave Spelunking in Norzagaray, Bulacan

We plan to have a run for a cause that could help a lot for the development and the needs of the cave. The two kilometer run will cost Php Tourism Industry is a big factor and a key component for a higher economy.

The revolutionaries employed the guerrilla tactic of attacking the enemy by surprise. He was an uncle of Aguinaldo. It was a unanimous choice. Fortunately, the local government, along with the support of the locals and other mountaineering and outdoor groups, took some legal actions that led to the suspension of the plan.

One of the reasons why it has a quickly rising in economic status is the two leading manufacturer of cement is in this town.

The spelunking started in a dark tunnel passage, you are requires to have a head Restrooms, sink and cottages are available in the place. Because in revenue, if we add some attractive things in that cave, many people can get a higher income to their businesses and by that there are also a lot of opportunities will be given to the people who lives in that place.

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Old scribbles are brushed out and others, I think, were painted over with colors same as the cave walls. Spread the love by sharing this page to your friends. There is no fixed rate for the guide fee, but we gave him pesos. The raw materials in Norzagaray are cement and marbles, because the town is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

Since the tourist loved collecting things from the places they were visiting. All these names were intertwined at one point in our history.The Pinagrealan Cave was located at Brgy.

Minuyan, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Getting there by commuting is possible. From Norzagaray town proper, ride a “Brgy. Bigte” bound jeep. Then tell the driver to drop you off at the Bigte circle (rotunda or roundabout).

Pinagrealan Cave

From the circle, there are motorcycles for hire that go to the entrance of Pinagrealan Cave. For convenience, we rented two tricycle services that will take us to Pinagrealan Cave, then to our next destination - Bakas River Resort and lastly, to a restaurant along the highway where we planned to have our dinner.

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Pinagrealan Cave News Articles About Pinagrealan Cave Pinagrealan Cave is located in Norzagaray, Bulacan. This major cave in Norzagaray is a natural refuge used by Filipinos during the struggle against Spain and the Americans and during the last world war.

Pinagrealan Cave was Aguinaldo's sanctuary. There, he and his men rested, planned their moves and called the shots. Pinagrealan is tucked somewhere in Brgy Bigte. It is now a national heritage.

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The rebirth of pinagrealan cave essay
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