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The French still respected their king and thus forgave him despite his denial of the National Assembly. Feelings of betrayal angered the Assembly, the Parisians, and even members of the clergy and nobility, thus destroying any remaining faith in the monarchy.

For example, when the National Assembly took their time deliberating on what to do with Louis, many Parisians suspected the possibility of his reinstatement. Either way, they no longer trusted the king.

Most of the newly appointed officials had no experience but their ardor for the Revolution negated this problem. His escape outraged many people and left the administration in shambles, and this caused tensions to break out. In doing so, they developed a sense of unity, confidence, and camaraderie that held them together in tumultuous times.

On top of that, deputies of the National Assembly dealt with the aftermath of a missing king: Not only did he leave behind his people but his flight would have led to a civil war between revolutionaries and loyalists aided by foreigners.

Despite his indecisiveness, chubbiness, and lack of royal grace, they respected him and therefore tolerated his flaws. More essays like this: These episodes of tension and aggression which culminated into violence came about only because Louis XVI attempted to escape.

To control the situation, the people of France quickly organized their own authoritative forces. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

This betrayal led to violence not only towards the clergy and nobility, but also among people who suspected one another of treason, conspiracy, or being counterrevolutionaries.

His flight sent waves of panic across a country passionate for the Revolution developing for years. He easily won back the love of his people with this act. He denounced the Revolution, National Assembly, and its constitution. On June 23 for instance, Louis stood by the nobility and denounced the existence of the National Assembly, but many patriots forgave him and instead blamed his advisors.

In response, people rejoiced knowing that with the support of the monarch, the Revolution is ensured to succeed The nature of the violence however, changed after they realized that Louis had planned the escape instead.

Instead, they shifted the blame from Louis to his advisors and this provided him with a chance to redeem himself, which he did.

When The King Took Flight Essay Sample

First of all, they had to put a handle on the aforementioned violence breaking out within and beyond Paris. People sang songs, marched in processions, played music, and swore oaths to the constitution.

During a standoff between the guardsmen and the demonstrators, rocks were thrown followed by a gunshot. Out of disgust, they denounced Louis: He planned to escape the country and return with foreign assistance to reclaim control of France, but the people of Varennes stopped and detained him until authorities arrived and sent him back to Paris.

They took matters into their own hands, cooperated with each other and developed a new sense of unity:Sunny Duong HIST 10/17/12 When the King Took Flight In JuneKing Louis XVI and his family snuck out of Paris during the night, hoping to escape from the French Revolution and its violence.

When the King took flight / Timothy Tackett. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN X (alk. paper) 1. Louis XVI, King of France, – —Flight to Varennes, 2. France—History—Revolution, – 3. Varennes-en-Argonne (France—History. 4. France—Kings and rulers—Biography. I. Title. Related Documents: When The King Took Flight Essay Fight or Flight Essay Impact on Behavior When a human is under stress the adrenal glands secrete epinephrine, which is also known as adrenaline (S-cool, ) and other stress hormones, like cortisol which is used for long term flight or fight.

When The King Took Flight Essay Words | 6 Pages. Sunny Duong HIST 10/17/12 When the King Took Flight In JuneKing Louis XVI and his family snuck out of Paris during the night, hoping to escape from the French Revolution and its.

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In JuneKing Louis XVI and his family snuck out of Paris during the night, hoping to escape .

When the king took flight essay
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