Why i am muslim

Why am I Muslim?

I have learned that when we want to learn the proper way of Islam, we should look to the religion itself, not the people who follow it. The Quran is the most recent out of these books. That is Why i am muslim purpose as a Muslim.

I want to make Him happy with me by following Him and for me Islam is the way to do this. We who believe in God, whom do we think God loves most?

How could Jesus claim to be the one and only way to God the Father? We have to give it a good life and make sure that it is healthy and happy. Islam considers work as an act of worship, and work useful to others goes higher, to the Love of God.

Crowds flocked to hear His teaching and marvel at His miracles. Now here is a new group. You will also find them announcing that Islam is a religion of peac Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Islam is situation-based and has guidelines for every scenario, which other religions you may not give you.

After suffering various sexual humiliations, Ahmedi herself was stripped and raped by one officer after another.

I now turn from following my own sinful desires and from trying to reach heaven through my own works. Islam means peace and to surrender to Allah.

True Christians are followers of Jesus. This is because, like most religions, sadly many of the Muslims have gone far from the path of Allah. This is our own mission now!

No names here, no labels Islam, Muslims. A fifty-year-old widow, Ahmedi Begum, decided to let some rooms in her house in the city of Lahore to two young veiled women. Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and walked on water.

If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. I am proud to be a Muslim because everyone in Islam is treated equally even if you are an Arab or non-Arab, white or black, you are treated equal. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?

Jews are the chosen people, Gods children, so He loves them most. The Quran is our book that is set with perfect guidelines. Most importantly, it should be read by every Muslim in this world.

While she was waiting, the police officers shoved the two girls, naked and bleeding, into the room and then proceeded to rape them again in front of the widow.“Why I am not a Muslim” is the most detailed dissection of the scourge that is the Killer Cult.

Warraq examines all aspects of Islam from origins to present day in painstaking detail. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of Islam and the fate of the modern world that I have read. Question: "I am a Muslim.

Why should I consider becoming a Christian?" Answer: People often follow the religion of their parents or culture, whether Muslim, Buddhist, or Catholic. But when we stand before God on Judgment Day, each person must give account for himself—whether he believed in God’s truth.

Why Am I Muslim

I am Muslim for many reasons. Allah is my God and Muhammad (SAW) is my Prophet. Allah is the Greatest, the Powerful, the Creator and ninety-five attributes more. Because after all, Islam is part of who I am. It is part of my “Egyptian Mind”, so I thought it might be better to end this separation, and to speak up my mind in one place.

This should limit the confusion and the distraction, even though it's a hard decision! Then again that reminds me of a piece of wisdom of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Why I Am Not a Muslim, a book written by Ibn Warraq, is a critique of Islam and the Qur'an.

It was first published by Prometheus Books in the United States in The title of the book is a homage to Bertrand Russell's essay, Why I Am Not a Christian, in which Russell criticizes the religion in which he was ultimedescente.com: Ibn Warraq. Why Am I a Muslim? With growing Islamophobia,It is not Surprising to encounter this Question,”Why are You Muslim?While I was reading Surah Anam,the sixth chapter of Quran I Came along few Verses of Quran that answers this question to the People who are unaware of Islam and Its teachings.


Why i am muslim
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